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          We had a 2007 Superformance GT40 (a recreation of the original GT40, made in South Africa) in our shop for service and a charging system problem.  It is basicaly a street legal racecar.  The alternator would have required about 10 hours of labor to replace as this is a mid engine vehicle with the alternator mounted against the firewall and down low by the driver’s side frame rail. We tested the alternator and found it to be working when the alternator regulator was bypassed. The regulator was easy to remove (2 hours) and the alternator was fairly new so we replaced just the regulator. The system is charging correctly and the customer is happy. Here are a few pictures of the car and the alternator location.





















You can barely see the alternator, hidden under the headers and blocked by the frame from underneath








This view is from underneath the vehicle. There is just enough room to test and replace the volage regulator.






 This view is from below the car. There’s almost no room between the engine balancer and the frame.


Posted February 18, 2009 by jayauto in Superformance