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Jason’s Hockey team, Hurricanes/Sharks are in the playoff championship game on Sunday 8/30/09   1 comment


Jason’s Hockey team the Hurricanes (We wear Sharks Jerseys, it a long story) have one the last two championship playoff games and are in the final game on Sunday 8/30/2009 at Pines Ice Arena in Pembroke Pines Florida The team looks to repeat last seasons overall playoff win for our division. We have a key player that separated his shoulder in our first playoff win. He will not likely play and we wish him a speedy recovery. It will be a tough game without Andrew’s help. Another key player Danny Alulema will be flying in from California for the game, He relocated there a few weeks ago. We barely pulled of both earlier playoff games (each by one goal) without his help. Hopefully we can win this one by a bigger margin.


The team after our 2nd playoff win




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Memorial Day Tribute to Frank J McFadden   Leave a comment

My grandfather (on my mothers side) Frank J McFadden who passed away on 1/7/2008 was honored at the Veterans Memorial cemetery in Lake Worth Florida on Memorial day 5/25/2009. He was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy during WWII. My mother, sister and 6 month old nephew were interviewed. Here is a link to the news channel’s page. Click on the video to start it, just past ½ way is when my family is interviewed. I spent time with my grandmother Annette Athanas talking about her late husband (my grandfather on my father’s side) Arthur Athanas who was a Major in the U.S. Army. Arthur passed away in 1978.

Jason Athanas 






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Hawks Hockey Team great come from behind win   Leave a comment

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Jason Athanans’s Hockey team the Hawks had a great come from behind win yesterday. They defeated Team Kendall 9 to 6. Jason’s line Mike Black. Chuck Lanza and Jason Athanas scored at least 4 of the goals along with some assists. Team Kendall was up by two goals early in the first period. The Hawks came back and were up by a few in the second. Here are some Pictures from the game  CURRENT PONIT STANDING




Jason forgot to wear his shouler pads









the scoreboard in the back shows 9 -6 for the Hawks with 1:22 seconds remaining











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Hockey Hurricanes championship game   Leave a comment

Jason Athanas’s  ice Hockey team the Hurricanes (formerly the Sharks) won their third playoff game in a row. This was the divisional championship game held  on March 15th, at Pines Ice Arena in Pembroke Pines, Florida. It was a hard fought game against the Chiefs. The Hurricanes won 3-2








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Jason Athanas’s hockey team Hawks finished 1st place   Leave a comment

First place Hawks at Pines Ice Arena summer 2008
front row: Randy , Anthony, Chuck Lanza, Jason Athanas , Ray – goalie Adam
back row: Jayson, Andrew, Pattrick, Ray, Paul, Mike, Mark, and Mark

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