clutch cable bracket broken on 1981 VW rabbit   Leave a comment

2014-09-29 11.42.57 2014-09-29 11.42.02 2014-09-29 11.42.22 2014-09-29 11.42.54 2014-09-29 11.42.57 2014-09-29 11.43.09 2014-09-29 11.43.23 2014-09-29 11.55.10 2014-09-29 11.55.20 2014-09-29 11.55.25 2014-09-29 11.55.55 2014-09-29 11.56.00 2014-09-29 11.57.26 2014-09-29 11.58.42 2014-09-29 11.58.53-1 2014-09-29 11.58.53-2 2014-09-29 11.59.01 2014-09-29 11.59.08 2014-09-29 12.04.32 2014-09-29 12.04.40 2014-09-29 12.04.43 2014-09-29 12.04.48 2014-09-29 12.04.55 2014-09-29 12.05.04 2014-09-29 12.05.17Our good friend Rolf Engelfried had his very clean and original 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel towed in to the shop with a non working clutch. We had adjusted the clutch cable on a previous visit and thought the clutch may have failed. After inspection it was discovered that the clutch cable had broken its retaining bracket off of the steering column and the cable casing was pushing against the firewall instead of the bracket under the dash. I remember working on a lot of these cars at my uncle’s repair shop J&R foreign cars of Lowell Massachusetts in the late 80’s and remember seeing this before. Unfotunately the only way to fix this properly is to completely remove the steering column form the vehicle and re-weld the bracket in place. We ground the old weld mostly off and cleaned the area on the column where the new welds needed to go. We welded the bracket on more than just the two ends that were welded from the VW factory. Here are some pictures.


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