Mercedes-Benz will not sell valve body for Mercedes 722.9 transmission   31 comments

Update 9/6/2013
We are able to get the 722.9 conductor plates and valve bodies for our customers. They take a few days to get and we have to provide the correct documentation but we are able to get the parts for most local customers. (The dealrs do not even stock these so it takes a few days if you bring your vehicle to the dealer) We have had issues with private dealer owned vehicles that have open titles. There is currently now way to get a TRP part if the vehicle is not owned and registered by an individual. 2013-01-31 16.33.40

Mercedes now will not sell 722.9 valve bodies or conductor plate control units, even with the TRP paperwork completed. The newer Mercedes 7-speed transmissions (also called G-tronic) have the electronic control unit mounted inside the transmission these control units are failing frequently; with speed sensor codes (the usual codes are related to speed sensor faults). The speed sensors are not replaceable as they are part of the electrical conductor plate that bolts to the valve body inside the bottom of the transmission. The transmission does not need to be removed to replace the valve body or the conductor plate. A valve body does come complete with the conductor plate / control unit. Early valve bodies must be replaced as a complete unit but later second or third generation units can be repaired by just replacing the conductor plate / control unit assembly. We have replaced many of these and have the capability of performing the SCN coding to complete the installation of this repair.


complete valve body with conductor plate


electrical conductor plate with control unit, solenoids, speed sensors

These units are failing so often that the dealer has restricted selling them even in their own shop. To order a part the dealer must submit a request with computer scans and control unit log reports of the suspected failed vehicles electronics. The factory then sends the parts they deem necessary for the repair (conductor plate assembly or complete valvebody).

It’s rumored that Siemens VDO the manufacturer of the electrical control units is in a battle with Mercedes over the validity of failing units. Why should an
internal problem with Mercedes and its suppliers affect our ability to acquire parts and repair our customer’s vehicle? Mercedes is requiring the vehicles be
brought into one of their dealers for any valve body or conductor plate repair even if the vehicle is not covered under warranty and the customer is paying for
it. In our customers view this would be perceived as an inability for us to repair their vehicle and give the dealers an unfair advantage at gaining the
customers business. One customer lost for life could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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31 responses to “Mercedes-Benz will not sell valve body for Mercedes 722.9 transmission

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  1. I’m in South Africa and have the same problem . Why can’t we purchase an OEM part or buy the component separately. . In a few years the car won’t be worth much and it will not be worth the while to even consider repairs. Is mercsCan we not start a pressure group?


  2. We have the same problem in Australia. As an independent Mercedes Service Center their are supposed to be laws restricting Main Dealers from preventing consumers servicing their cars elsewhere. Restricting the sale of parts to those outside Mercedes is blatantly in contradiction to these laws and does indeed create a monopoly. Its frustrating to say the least, but isn’t the only example of Mercedes imposed restrictions.


  3. is there any of 722.9 Mercedes Valvebodies for sale???


    Serj (818)769-5133
  4. Mercedes Benz hide lot of things , as well the lie at them customers , as i head from Mercedes is self ” all 722.9 Boards have problems and even if it Fixed it will work 70% ” i have a lot of fail story about them if any need to share please contact me .,


  5. Hello please how can i buy this valve body i need it urgently please reply asap tnx


  6. We are an independent shop specializing in the repair and maintenance of the mercedes- benz vehicle. We are really upset with this whole situation and it definitely monopolizes the industry which I understood was illegal. We have cars towed in needing valve bodies and we have accomodated our customers by paying for the tow into the dealers after towing it to our facility. We are losing money big time and this has got to stop but don’t know what to do to stop it. Very fustrating to say the least!


  7. My check your engine lite has been on so long… i think the dammed thing is burned out…..MB says i need a partical filter and they want $3000.00 for that …….then my turbo well function…….130,000 miles any help anywhere…


  8. My 2007 Mercedes ML350 has been trapped at Knopf Mercedes for over a month. The valve body has to be replaced. The dealership has no idea when the part will be available. There are four other cars at the dealership with the same problem. I’ve contacted the Attorney General in PA and Mercedes Corporate. They haven’t offered a loaner and I no longer see the luxury in driving a Mercedes.


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  12. please if you can help I need elecotronic plat mercedes 722.9


  13. what about valve budy full


  14. what I can do in way if not sale for electronic plat or valve body


  15. So insted of your average joe just needing a sensor plate and reflash, they could potentialy be at the complete mercy and integrity of any Mercedes dealership claiming they need a 7,000$ transmission.. We need “7 on your side” “John Stosell” “60 Min” anyone who can put a stop to this monopoly! If it were my car i would get rid of it and never buy another Mercedes, and tell everyone and anyone the story, and to never buy one either!

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  16. Any resorce to get the conductor plate with valve body for th S550 transmission? As you stated even Mercedes dealership doesnt offer to sell it, I just cant afford to MB dealer repair price, hope you can give me suggestion.


  17. Reprogramming Y3/8n4 INTEGRATED TRANSMISSION CONTROL from Softelectronic

    – repair Y3/8n1 TURBINE SPEED SENSOR;
    – repair Y3/8n2 INTERNAL SPEED SENSOR;
    – repair Y3/8n3 OUTPUT SPEED SENSOR;
    – repair Y3/8s1 SELECTION RANGE SENSOR;

    We offer full repair of the Plate. This means repair of the broken
    sensor.In addition we change all the other sensors to be sure that there
    will be no future problem with the plate. That is why we give 2 years of
    full guarantee not only for the broken sensor but for the whole plate.
    If needed we offer reprogramming of the Plate – we can make it in Virgin
    Status.When you have a Plate in Virgin Status you can mount it on every
    chassis of Mercedes ( in this case you will need the Mercedes Server )

    If you have a broken plate and it cannot be repaired, we can take the
    information from the broken plate and transfer it into another plate –
    in this way you do not need the Server of Mercedes anymore.


  18. Mercedes claims the Valve Body is part of the security system and won’t sell the part because it could aid auto theft. That argument is BS because they will sell a complete transmission to independent shops. So their theft excuse is nothing more than just that, excuses. My wife’s 2006 CLK500 will suddenly go into neutral while driving on the Freeway. If that’s not a safety problem I don’t know what is. Dealers claim they never heard of the problems which is a flat out lie. They hope they can stall long enough that they don’t have to replace all of these transmissions. If you think the new 2011 & 2012 models are any better, wait until they have 60000 miles on them. Mercedes has already issued over 20 service bulletins on the newest transmissions. I’ve owned a Mercedes-Benz for over 40 years, and this is the last. They are dishonest and unethical. They put their customers safety at great risk and then lie about it.


    • Dear janson
      About mercedes bord 722.9 I have new and I can sale if you want


    • I agree with you that Mercedes should be selling these parts to reputable or SDRM licensed shops. I do not agree about the reliability or quality of Mercedes vehicles. Mercedes is on the leading edge of new technology; their vehicles are more advanced and have better safety features than other manufacturers. Mercedes has not been handling this issue properly and is causing may owners and service facilities frustration and dislike. If Mercedes had reduced the price of the parts and made the part readily available their reputation would be at a much higher standing point than it currently is. They are still very good cars!


  19. Please visit – we offer repair and programming for 722.9 control unit and 2 years of full warrant!
    A 0335457332
    A 0335456732
    A 0034460310

    Repair and Reset for the above mentioned part numbers


  20. I just began having issues with my 2004 S500 with only 35k miles on it!. (Just bought it 4 mos ago). The error code said P0718 Turbine/Input Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit Intermittent. From reading several posts on MB forums, I gather my 722.9 transmission needs a valve body, and my independent repair shop (who I trust immensely) said only the stealership can perform that repair…for $2,000! I hate feeling obligated to go to the dealer and accept their monopolistic service. I love the car, but in the short period of time I’ve owned it, I’ve replaced the Airmatic pump and relay ($500) and now this….all within 4 mos and 2,900 miles. I should have bought the warranty. 😦


  21. I just bought a used 06 CLK 500 with only 25k km on the clock. Transmission was revving high on fwy so took it in to the dealer in Sydney and was told it needed a new valve body – quoted A$6300!!! They initially said it not their problem as car is out of wty. Eventually they agreed to do it for $4800. Given the very low mileage and that this really smells like a recall/safety issue this seems inadequate. I’ve had three Audis and never seen anything like this. Will make me think carefully about buying another MB.


  22. hello everybody , about the 7g tronic repair sensors or reprogram and virgin , just visit this site http://WWW.SOFTELECTRONIC.COM and enjoy yourself



  23. I had the problem with my automatic gearbox, at the dealer the said that the sencor was broken€1750
    I went to a electical specialist here in Bulgaria and he fix the problem of the two sencors€ 400


  24. You truly constructed some great tips within your article, “Mercedes-Benz will not sell
    valve body for Mercedes 722.9 transmission Jason’s Space”. I’ll
    remain coming back again to ur web site soon enough.
    Thanks a lot -Debbra


  25. I currently have a Mercedes ML w163 which I was looking to replace with a 2012 model. After reading this and other posts on this topic I will not be replacing it with a Mercedes. This is disappointing as the w163 has been excellent and trouble free.


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