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For half of the day on Friday and for most of the weekend, Malte Dau, Lucas Cerotti and Jason Athanas of Autobahn Performance Inc. attended a repair information seminar. Over 90 hours of total committed time! The seminar was presented by Marty Vellozzi of LMV Industries. It was a very informative class that was attended by many Mercedes specialty shops from around the state of Florida (and other states). Surprisingly, none of our local northeast Broward competitors was present   The Seminar’s main topics were diagnosing and repairing problems on modern Mercedes vehicles including: the onboard communication bus system (various C.A.N. systems); understanding and properly reading electronic troubleshooting diagrams and repair manuals; and other recent repair issues. It was great to interact and learn from the instructor and the other shops that attended (our competition).
Jason has been attending the LMV seminar yearly for over 5 years; two times were in New Orleans when the seminar was not offered in this state. Malte has attended the seminar several times and has always benefitted from the experience. It was Lucas’ first experience with the class and he was impressed. Lucas has considerable training through Mercedes at their training facilities in Texas and Jacksonville. He said that this class was much better at actually indicating areas of common problems and what it took to find and correct the problems.  He mentioned that in contrast, the factory instructors just seemed to pump out a bunch of information with no interaction with the students. 
Autobahn Performance Inc’s philosophy has always been to repair a customer’s vehicle in the fastest way possible and with the least number of parts. This keeps the repair cost down and the customer happy and returning for regular service and maintenance. This seminar will help us diagnose and repair a vehicle quicker and with more accuracy. The investment in this seminar with three technitians demonstrates Autobahn’s commitment to training and education that will save our customers money and aggravation and keep them returning to Autobahn Performance Inc. far into the future. 
Autobahn would like to thank Marty, Reiner Whittich, and Bob Beckman for organizing and creating the seminar and the support systems that keep us informed and up to date with the latest technology, information, parts, equipment, and tools that keep us on the leading edge of automotive service and repair. With their help we are far superior to dealership service and repair and are equipped to handle repairs well into the future.    

Posted March 15, 2009 by jayauto in Mercedes, Our shop

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