Our A-Best forklift race team got together at our race shop and within a few hours had the car stripped and ready for repair. The chassis will need at least a new front clip and this needs to be installed on a special-made jig to ensure everything is in the exact location when the chassis is welded back together. Our Troyer chassis needs to be sent up to the North East for this to be done. We’re going to get the chassis back to New Smyrna speedway before speedweeks ends and one of the other racers or the chassis builder will get in up to the Northeast for us. Here are some more pictures of the crash damage. The chassis and other safety equipment on the vehicle worked perfectly in the crash and kept Jon from being injured.


front clip collapsed and bent upwards as designed

 most of the accessories on the front of the motor are damaged: $$$! The motor will need to be checked out for internal damage.

chassis designed to collapse and absorb energy to minimize possibility of driver injury

broken mechanical fuel pump with no fire!

broken transmission bell housing


Posted February 10, 2009 by jayauto in Racing

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