Honda Acura Weight Sensing Seat WSS   Leave a comment

This is the continuation of seat occupancy detection for Honda / Acura. Mercedes has had this technology since 2004 on the W211 chassis.This is the continuation of seat occupancy detection for Honda / Acura. Mercedes has had this technology since 2004 on the W211 chassis.

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Another Mercedes W129 600SL wire harness re-wire   Leave a comment

On this clean one owner 1995 Mercedes 600SL (SL600) V12 with only 49,000 miles

we replaced the upper engine fuel injection harness, The lower engine harness (Starter, alternator, oil level sender ect..) We re-wired the Main body harness (also called body mounted engine harness) with new air mass meter wire harness connected all the way back to both engine computers) and we rebuilt both throttle actuators.

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BMW 535I N54 Turbo upgrade / replacment   Leave a comment

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Lamborghini service at Autobahn Performance in Broward county Florida   Leave a comment

1991 Diablo and  Murcielago in for service at the same time

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We’ve moved Jason’s Space!   Leave a comment

We’ve moved Jason’s Space blog to the Autobahn Performance website at All new posts will appear there, not at

Hosting Jason’s Space at has been fine, but by hosting it at our own website, we add flexibility that’s impossible on

Click on this link to visit the new Jason’s Space location. Once you’re there, update your browser’s bookmarks.


Jason Athanas

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Mercedes CDI diesel and sprinter SCR problems   Leave a comment

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Jason recently observed a factory Mercedes webinar for the complex problem of diagnosing and repairing Mercedes SCR systems for diesel cars and trucks and Sprinter vans. We put this knowledge to use today for repairing a 2010 sprinter van with an SCR problem. SCR stands for Selective Catalytic Reduction and the vehicles that have it are usually labeled or badged ” BlueTec ” It is the environmentally-friendly diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz used to reduce emission levels. BlueTec uses Urea or diesel emissions fluid injection into exhaust gas stream in specially designed chambers in the exhaust to reduce emissions, especially NOx (oxides of Nitrogen). The factory scan tool can be misleading and it is common for technicians to misdiagnosed the system and change expensive parts needlessly. This fairly new technology uses the Mercedes SDconnect to connect directly to the high-speed chassis CAN network of the vehicle. This allows monitoring of the raw sensor data and non calculated information for precise diagnosis. The factory Xentry scanner cannot display and process this information the way this specially designed package can. On this vehicle we discoverd a slight difference in the NOx sensor readings between the front and rear sensor and this led to diagnosing a faulty front NOx sensor. These sensors are around $600 at the time of this article but this is still way cheaper than if it was misdiagnosed as an SCR failure (currently $3700). 

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Another Mercedes V12 wire harness repair job.   Leave a comment

Autobahn performance is doing another air mass meter wire harness repair. We are getting lots of these cars in for the repair, even being shipped in from across the country. We can repair the air mass meter portion of the Body mounted engine harness without removing the harness. Do not attempt to cut open the body harness and repair the wires, this customer did and ended up cutting and damaging non deteriorating wires. You can see in the pictures the wires are molded into a pass-through loom it is impossible to separate and untangle the wires without damaging the entire harness. We have repair harnesses in stock to repair the body-mounted engine harness on v12 600’s. Usually, only the air mass sensor wires fail. $295 each 2 needed. The harness can be run alongside the factory harness sheathed in long lengths of heat shrink tubing and connected directly to the engine computers. The other harness’s common to fail are the lower engine harness (also called starter harness or positive cable harness) we can repair your damaged harness but it may be available at a reasonable price from the dealer (get me you VIN and I will get you a price) The throttle actuators have harness’s that come off of them and connect to the body harness. These harness’s fail internally, to check them you need to carefully make a 1-2″ incision in the covering of each actuator harness and examine the wires inside. If they are bad we can rebuild your actuators (done in house) $695 each includes internal motor, plastic gears and new cable harness connector end is  disassembled and re-used. The fuel injection harness sits on the top of the motor and is usually available from the dealer at a reasonable price. These can be rebuilt by us but must be inspected to give an accurate price. The body harness of the car usually does not fail or deteriorate on 129 SL’s if it is it probably should be replaced with new from dealer we could rebuild this harness but it would be expensive and time consuming.




2014-11-12 16.28.37

This car came in with the computer box disassembled and the computers removed. call us before you attempt to do this yourself. Autobahn Performance 954-771-5181


2014-11-12 16.29.32

New and old air mass meter connectors

2014-11-12 16.29.52

2014-11-12 16.30.12 2014-11-12 16.30.20 2014-11-12 16.30.47 2014-11-12 16.30.52 2014-11-12 16.31.01 2014-11-14 10.08.07

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2014-11-14 10.09.17 2014-11-14 10.09.35 2014-11-17 11.36.42 2014-11-17 11.36.59 2014-11-21 11.05.53

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